What is a lecture worthwhile?

What is a lecture worthwhile?

Not only for books is a lecturer before its final publication indispensable. More and more undergraduate, graduate and doctoral candidates are finding out that it is simply not possible without a lecturer. Whether the editing is carried out by a professional or a friendly fellow student, one thing is certain in any case.

A lecture is almost always worthwhile:

  • This is mainly due to the fact that the authors of the bachelor, master or doctoral theses eventually become “blind” to their own mistakes.
  • Anyone who has read through his work for the umpteenth time will eventually no longer see one or the other format or spelling mistake.
  • This is especially true when there are misspellings that often undermine the author. Anyone who has gotten used to writing a certain word incorrectly over the years will continue to do so in his thesis.
  • In addition, there may be formal requirements to be met by academic work that the author is unaware of. If the author is unfamiliar with such requirements, such as the fact that numbers should be written out to twelve, then he can not recognize his mistakes as such.
  • A professional editing is worthwhile, so that your own mistakes do not go unnoticed.
  • If you want to make sure that you will achieve the best possible final grade with your own work, you should not miss a lecture.
  • Of course, a professional editing involves costs. However, this investment will pay off quickly if it results in a better final grade. After all, the own final grade can have a positive effect on the future career success and thus also on the future salary.

A lecture is worthwhile – especially for theses in a foreign language

A lecture is also worthwhile especially if the own thesis is to be written in a foreign language. This is not always the case with students enrolled at a foreign university. Rather, there are numerous private universities in German-speaking countries that require their graduates to submit their thesis in English.

Anyone who has previously written only a few term papers in a foreign language has correspondingly little practice and can use the help of a lecturer very well.

Again and again it happens to students when working in a foreign language that they translate sentences in their head directly from German. However, these sentences in the foreign language may then be meaningless or only understandable if the reader speaks both German and the foreign language. An editor can draw attention to such mistakes.

Unfortunately, it often happens that the authors of foreign language theses get entangled in their language difficulties and neglect their content. Sometimes they do not go sufficiently deep, because they lack the appropriate vocabulary. This is fatal in an important thesis, so that a professional editing is all the more commendable.

What is the difference between a proofreading and a proofreading?
A review is worthwhile for most students. However, there is not only the possibility of a review, but also the proofreading. Which option should the graduate choose?

The proofreading does not include extensive corrections. The grammar (spelling, etc.) and punctuation will be corrected.
In addition, the work is checked to see whether a rule-compliant separation of the individual syllables made and uniform spellings were used.

The typography, that is the correct use of quotation marks, dashes and dashes, is also checked.
The proofreading is often one of the last steps before the thesis is printed. Often, two people are assigned one after the other with the proofreading of a work, so that no mistake is overlooked.
A review is worthwhile in comparison to a proofreading, especially because this does not just include a pure error correction.

Rather, the lecturer makes suggestions for improving the content of the thesis. For example, missing connections or indecisive logic are highlighted.
Nested phrases or passages that are difficult to read are simplified. Eventually, the text passages are arranged differently, so that a coherent red thread results and the individual arguments follow each other in a meaningful way.

The editing of a paper takes place much earlier than the last step. This is due to the fact that content changes to the work are possible, which can affect the content of the rest of the thesis.

A review can be combined with a proofreading. It is the task of the bachelor, master or doctoral candidate to become aware of what kind of help they want to claim for themselves. If you know that your weaknesses are not to be found in the content of the work, but rather in the field of spelling and grammar, you should rely on a proofreading. If you want to make sure that your work is logical in itself, it’s worth reading.

Definitely enough time for a review

Professional proofreading only makes sense if you allow enough time to implement the editor’s comments and adapt their work. In all proposed amendments, which the responsible lecturer notes, it is the case that the author of the thesis can decide for himself which proposals he considers to be consistent and meaningful and which amendments are negligible.

It is important to use professional lecturers who are very familiar with the subject matter. After all, only people who have a certain amount of specialist knowledge in their respective field can assess which changes in content make sense and where the author should argue in a more substantiated way.

Professional editing

Accordingly, the bachelor, master or doctoral candidate is best for a person for the professional proofreading, which can provide the appropriate references and a study of the respective subject area. On the other hand, the proofreading can also be performed by a non-specialist person, since content-related aspects do not play a role in the proofreading, in contrast to the proofreading. For this reason, the cost of a professional proofreading is higher than the cost of a proofreading.

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